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Here’s the recipe for a Soul Contract Chart:  apply numerology concepts to your birth name, do some math, look up the resulting numbers, and you have a map of your physical and spiritual karma, talents, and goals.   The empowering part is that you can SEE what you signed up for in this lifetime.  

How is this even possible, you ask?  I asked the same thing.  When I am curious about something, I set about trying to debunk it.  I couldn’t debunk this.  Every chart is amazingly accurate.  I charted my friends, my family, my family’s family and continued to watch each chart accurately describe that person in detail, using words and pictures and examples that outlined their life energies.    I was— and still am— astounded.   This is why I decided to offer it to my clients.  


What does this chart say about you that is so helpful and amazing?  Glad you asked…. 


First there’s the physical and spiritual KARMA (challenges) you decided to take on in this lifetime.  Think of it as the classes you wanted to take so you could get really good at something new or something that you needed to learn more about.   Knowing what these challenges are is a HUGE game changer.  No longer is Karma this “unseen force” that holds you back.  Now it is a known, and you can see what you wanted to tackle, and you can tackle it!   


How do you tackle it?  

With your physical and spiritual TALENTS!   

Yes— your chart shows exactly which talents you chose to come with in this lifetime to overcome your karma.   Physical Talents are used to shift your Physical Karma.   Spiritual Talents are used to shift your Spiritual Karma.    You came with tools to help you PASS THE CLASS of your Karma Challenges.   


And that’s not all...   

There’s your spiritual and physical GOALS.    

These goals call to you— they make you feel alive.  They are things you want to accomplish FOR SURE in this lifetime.    Things that you have some successful past-life experience in, so you want to slam dunk it this time around.   AND, your Talents will help you achieve those goals.   Goals are like a wonderful incentive system to work on your Karma and get on to fun stuff.  


Each chart is anywhere from 9-25 pages with details in each section including general notes, advice, ties to astrological energies, helpful practices / herbal remedies, pitfalls to look out for, examples of how to take action, etc. It is a complete guide to the energies of your life.  Similar to and simpler than astrology.  Reading this chart alongside your astrological chart is a SUPER eye opener!  Synchronicity abounds.   


There’s more that I could tell you, but this is the primary function of the Soul Contract Chart— to help you use your Talents to overcome your Karma and achieve your Goals.    


How do I get a Soul Contract Chart?

1.    Email me using the form at the bottom of this page.  

2.   Once I confirm receipt of your information, pay via PayPal by clicking here :    

3.   When I receive your payment I will generate your chart(s) and email them to you. My typical turnaround time is less than 2 days. 

Individual Soul Contract Chart  1 chart  $ 54 USD


1 hour consultation   $ 54 USD

Some people are able to fully understand their charts on their own.  Some people really want a guided tour of their chart, so I offer that too.   If you are local to me, we can meet in person. If you are far away, we can meet via your favorite teleconferencing app.   

Composite Charts

When you get to the level of wanting a composite chart that shows multiple people (family, friends) you really gain insight into why these people are in your life.  It can be a serious game changer for understanding family and relationship dynamics.  

2 people   $ 32

3 people   $ 36

4 people   $ 40

5 people   $ 48

6 people   $ 58

7 people   $ 66

8 people   $ 76

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Feedback on

Soul Contract Charts:

from Kenna: 

Oh my word.

I am only a few pages deep.

First of all. I have the number 9 tattooed on me!

Everything is 100 percent spot on wow. Father issues. Unworthiness. Communication problems. FOCUS ON NEGATIVES AT TIMES.   




and later when she finished reading her chart:

I just read through my entire chart contract!

thank you so much!

I am so interested in all this wonderful information!!!

I truly connect with all of this!

from Rob:

Wow Lizzy!....just wow! I would say the info in there was about 95% bang on! Most of the things mentioned are exactly what I’ve been through and exactly what I’ve done to heal them...lmao! Isn’t life amazing!! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends!  Rob


from Eric:

Hi Lizzy! It's Eric. I just finished reading the chart you made for me and wanted to say thank you so much. It's incredible and amazing..almost overwhelming. It gives me so much more direction on the things I need to work through and so much insight. Really.  I can't thank you enough!  Much love! - Eric

from Justin:

Never Before have i had someone who knows nothing about me, be able to accurately explain who i am, what i have done, what my goals are, and where i am going......

from Cindy after a chart consult:

Instead of a lot of Horoscope prediction nonsense, I learned what I need, where I am strong and how to help to keep my brain cleared. Thanks dear Lizzie. I will see you soon. If you have any doubts or questions write her talk to her. It is so worth it.

from Christopher:

Yesterday I had my Soul Contract chart prepared by Lizzie Barnts. It's uncanny how much this resonates with the work I've been doing and the work I have yet to do. I highly recommend contacting her and having your chart done!

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