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For new clients wanting big change, or returning clients on the verge of big changes or decisions      $50 per hour

This session is a big deal.  It employs every single tool and modality that I use combined all at once.  It is the most powerful experience I offer and has changed people's lives forever.  

It starts with the modality of The Bars.   Please click the "More" tab above and click on "The Access Consciousness Bars" to acquaint yourself with this amazing modality for transformation and change. 

This neural release process clears blocked energy and self-imposed limitations in all areas of your life.  It can take anywhere from 1-2 hours, although it averages 1.5 hours.  You may be very quiet during this time, or be talking about what you are experiencing.  Thus, the processing takes whatever path emerges.  Following this, you may have (more) questions and insights emerging, and I will have many insights and messages to share with you.   We will will discuss and explore them together until you are satisfied.  This discussion process usually leads to major breakthroughs and lasts as long as you need it to.  The overall length of this session is at least 1.5 hours, and can take up to 3, depending on your desire to explore your insights. 

POWER HOUR session:  

Maintenance session for returning clients only      $60

A brisk in-and-out-in-one-hour Bars Session.  Great for those who want a quick pick-me-up energy reset without a lot of chit-chat. 



TASTE of CHANGE   session: 

For new or returning clients        $50 

One hour total, with a 30-45 minute abbreviated Bars session embedded into it. This session is designed to introduce people to The Bars modality in a smaller dose, or give returning clients a way to focus on specific areas that have recurring blocks.   Clients get to pick 6-12 areas of their consciousness they want to de-clutter the most, and we focus on those.  


For kids!    $1 per minute

 Kids benefit from the process of releasing blocks just as much as adults do, but the difference is that they have a lot fewer blocks.  Bring one kid or the whole tribe.  This sped-up bars session lasts 20-45 minutes. The younger the kid, the faster it goes. Great for sleep issues, fearfulness, and boosting self-esteem.  Will definitely have a calming effect and heighten creativity.





Whether you want to make change in small doses, go over your Soul Contract Chart, or get an energy uplift boost and some tools, this is perfect for anyone anywhere in the world.   


Step 1:   Contact me using the form on the front page of this website, and we will find a date/time that works.  Explain what you want to get out of your session.  


Step 2:  Once we have your session on the calendar, pay via PayPal (click the Donate tab for a direct link).


Step 3:  I will contact you at the scheduled time.  BE READY TO TAKE NOTES.  You will talk about what you want to change.  I will listen, intuit, process your blocks, then give you tools to use every day to dissolve those blocks and create the change you desire.  I will also be actively giving you an energy influx of joy and well-being while we are talking.


Step 4:  Use your new tools EVERY DAY and watch your life change.   Feel gratitude.  Jump for joy.  Laugh out loud for no apparent reason.  Pet the unicorns.   TELL YOUR FRIENDS.   Spread the joy.  


Great first session where things in my life seemed to make a positive shift.    Although I may need a "tune up" from time to time.


Barb,  Olympia WA

Yes!  It works!  


Justin, Centralia WA

I had chronic problems in relationships.  Counseling didn’t work.   During the first session she took me through a clearing statement to release all judgment against myself.  I cried like a baby.  She sent me home with homework.  My wife noticed a difference right away.  Thank you Lizzie.  I will be back.  


Wayne,  Littlerock WA

Thank you!  I am using the tools you gave me.  I am re-routing my inner conversations.  I am looking forward to the next session.


Susan,Mossyrock, WA

What a divine mystery.  I still don’t know how it worked, but everything feels open now.   


Mark,  Olympia WA

During my session while Lizzie was doing The Bars, I suddenly realized that I could feel my own energy.   To say it was exciting is an understatement.  I now understand that I have the power to change anything I want to in my life. 


Marcia,  Olympia WA

To schedule your first in-person session, contact me for a free phone consultation using the form on the Catalyst for Change page. 


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