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 My jam is empowering people to make the changes they want in their life by using two very different tools: energy reset sessions and soul contract charts

Both tools can immediately bring change, clarity, a call to new action, and the tremendous uplift of purpose. 

What kind of change?  Any kind of change-- relationships, careers, life path, letting go of old repeating patterns that you can clearly see are not getting you where you want to be....


Too good to be true?   Read what others say about it in the margins of this website.  Check out my YouTube channel.   Schedule a free 20 minute phone call with me.  Allow yourself to be amazed... and happy.  

"Ok," you say, "I'm IN.  How does this work?"

If you have chosen an Energy Reset Session, this is the path:

Step One:  You really and truly must want change in your life,  because without that, none of my skills, tools, talents, or abilities will be of use to you.   My mojo only works for those who are asking for it.   Why?  Because YOU are the one who is making the change/doing the work, not me.  I am a GPS system, diagnostic tool, oracle, seer, intuitive empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, tarot interpreter, energy worker, and light being who can see where you have uniquely blocked yourself. I can hand you the tools, but ultimately, you are the only one who can use the tools to unblock yourself.   This is deeply empowering.  I will show you how to use these tools immediately, in the session, to create change.   And you own these tools forever, allowing you to create change in the future. 

Step Two:  Request a free 20 minute phone chat.  The form is at the bottom of this page.  This is an opportunity for me to get a read on what you want to change, and for you to ask questions about the 

different sessions I offer and how they work.  (See the "sessions" tab above.)

Step Three:   Book a session that will take place in Chehalis WA, USA, lasting 1-3 hours, and is secured by paying for the first hour via PayPal.   

Step Four:  Show up for your session.  Pay the difference via PayPal once the session is finished.  Enjoy.  Be amazed.  Experience self-transformation. 

Are you ready?   :)

   Use the form below to schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation and start the process of change.

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After just one session with Lizzie I was able to make dramatic changes in my life. Lizzie gave me permission to be myself and to follow my dreams. I am now living a much more happy and balanced life. She is AMAZING!

Linda, Chehalis WA

It was an incredible experience for me. Can't wait till my next session.


Steve, Centralia WA

To have a session with Lizzie is like being in an oasis of peace and restoration. Her natural giftings allow old energies to be released and new energies to be infused right where they need to be. She also has intuitive gifts that allow her to hear and see things that are present with you - such as your animal totems or other energies that want to contribute to you in some way. Working with Lizzie is delightful and I highly recommend her!!


Jackie, Olympia WA

You and everyone you know would benefit from this.   Do it!


Mokey, Centralia WA

Hi there. So much has changed for the good. Almost automatic when I came to see you. I got you. I get it. I got it. So happy Beyond happy that I found you. I will come back.

Darlyene, Chehalis

Today I had my first of many sessions with Lizzie.   I have been kind of at the end of the rope so to speak.   In pain emotionally, physically and mentally.   Weary of hauling around baggage that wasn't mine, feeling stuff that I didn't want.   As she was doing my bars I began to feel a slight tingle and then a lightness.  After the session my head felt clear, no fog, no despair.   I knew then I was on the right track.  After the session we went over my soul contract chart and instead of a lot of Horoscope prediction nonsense, I learned what I need, where I am strong and how to help to keep my brain cleared. Thanks dear Lizzie. I will see you soon. If you have any doubts or questions, write her talk to her. It is so worth it.

Cindy, Chehalis WA

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